Ozone facts

Is using ozone to sanitize food safe?

Yes, it is completely safe. Ozone has been given GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) approval by the USDA and the FDA for direct contact with food products.

Is any consumable required to operate Ozoclean?

Other than a direct water supply, you will never have to buy any chemical additives or additional equipment.

How difficult is ozoclean to use?

Ozoclean is so easy to use a child could operate it. Once connected to an existing water supply, your Ozoclean unit is ready for use. Just apply the aqueous mixture dispensed from the unit directly to your food, or any other surface you want sanitize. It’s that simple.

Does the process change the taste of your food?

The only by product Ozoclean creates is pure Oxygen (O2), which is odorless and flavorless. You will be able to taste the foods you clean naturally and completely chemical free, the way Mother Nature intended.

Will sanitizing with ozone extend the life of my food inventory?

Once you remove all existing surface bacteria, fungi, and viral pathogens, the life of your produce and other treated food will increase dramatically, you will notice it lasts longer and even looks healthier. Ozoclean rejuvenates food to its original natural state…safe, clean, chemical free, and delicious.

How much does Ozoclean cost to operate?

Once you purchase an Ozoclean unit you will ever have to purchase another piece of equipment again. Other than the cost of your water supply there are no additional costs, chemicals to buy, or parts to replace.

Isn’t ozone bad for the environment?

There are two types of ozone, Good ozone and bad ozone.

Good ozone, or stratospheric ozone, is found in the stratospheric layer of the atmosphere. Within this layer, good ozone is made and destroyed naturally all of the time. Stratospheric ozone acts as a filter and absorbs the sun's ultraviolet rays, therefore, warming the atmosphere and filtering out harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching the earth. This is the type of ozone created by Ozoclean.

Bad ozone, or ground-level ozone, is found in the tropospheric layer, which comes from the ground up and is also known as ambient air. Ground-level ozone is a mixture of chemicals in the lower atmosphere composed of natural gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides, and sunlight. Cars produce most of the nitrogen oxides and VOCs in the air, which in turn increases the amount of ozone in the troposphere. Ground-level ozone in this combination is a pollutant.

How long does the sanitizing process take?

Depending on what pathogens you want to eliminate the sanitizing process can take from a few seconds to a few minutes. Some pathogens are stronger than others and require just a bit more time for the ozone to fully neutralize these types of pathogens.